Zen Mountain Center (video)

File Name: 68-06-00-V

video, KQED 16 mm film - Sokoji to Tassajara - summer 1968 (45:24) presented in full and in segments with slide show. Previously named ZMC. Changed "NO play" to "Noh play" 7/7/2024 pf.

[Scenes inside Sokoji zendo with students sitting zazen and also views of Sokoji from the outside. Shunryu Suzuki bows as Dainin Katagiri hits a bell. Shunryu Suzuki walks around the zendo striking a few students’ shoulders with the kyosaku stick. Chanting begins and the mokugyo and bell are struck. City street scenes while chanting continues. Back inside the zendo. Richard Baker hits a bell. Then scene of Shunryu Suzuki with Dainin Katagiri and Richard Baker talking inside an office]. Shunryu ... Read Transcript (this version is updated and corrected at times. Any other transcripts below are not).

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